Why the Ping Tool on Your Verizon DSL Router Is Not Working

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Verizon Speedtest: Does Verizon Speed Test On The Internet Really Work? This tool is used by many people to check their internet connection. If you have a slow connection, this tool is certainly a better alternative than buying a new package and spending hours on testing and troubleshooting. This tool has been available for a long time but only now is making its presence felt in the browser of millions of computers. Here is some information on what Verizon Speedtest is all about and how to get the most out of this tool.

Verizon Speed Test: Does Verizon Speed Test On The Internet Really Work? Like many other tools on the internet, Verizon Speed Test actually works. Verizon speed test starts by identifying your actual internet connection speed and then choosing the best speed test server closer to your location. Once you click the go button it sends out packets of information from that speed test server back to your computer.

Verizon Speedtest

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It should take no more than 10 seconds to complete. The packet contains your actual speed, uploads and downloads, and other factors. After receiving the data it should automatically update your computer with your actual broadband speed. If it does not, you may need to download and install a different piece of software that is able to read and analyze your speed. Once downloaded and installed you may run the Verizon speed test.

Another reason it may not work properly is if you are on a dial-up connection. Verizon speed test will not pick up these problems, so make sure to check to see if you are still connected to the Verizon broadband connection. Many times people will have to call Verizon support to find out why they have been getting a poor reception from their service.

A third issue that can cause the Verizon Speedtest to report inaccurate results is extreme weather. Sometimes when an extreme weather event occurs Verizon may experience a delay in reporting results to the end-user. Extreme weather conditions include thunderstorms, snowstorms, floods, and power outages. If you experience one of these issues it is important to let Verizon know immediately. They will ask for an updated link and description of the issue so they can address it and provide you with accurate results.

A Much Ado

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The last problem that has been noted is the inability to get accurate results on a Verizon DSL speed test. The problem seems to be related to the lack of a fast connection. Verizon has recently switched its connection speed from 10 megabits per second (Mbps) to a new standard called ” Gigabit” service. For many people, this change will cause their current Verizon broadband speed to increase. Unfortunately not all areas are able to connect at this new high speed, making the Verizon speed test report inaccurate.

To avoid inaccuracies on your Verizon Speedtest result it is recommended that you perform a search on the internet to find out what speed your current connection is. This will ensure that your connection is below the required speed for the proper functionality of the Verizon DSL service. If you find that your connection speed is above the required speed or you are still experiencing issues you may want to consider contacting a professional who is more than capable of helping you resolve your issues.

Bottom Line

If your Verizon Speedtest finds that your connection speeds are below the required standard then the most likely issue is a network router that is experiencing technical difficulties. To resolve your issues simply disconnect the router from your modem, download the latest drivers for your router, and re-attempt your speed test. If your problem is solved your connection should return to normal after the download and subsequent installation of the appropriate drivers. If not the ping tool for your router can be found in the downloads section.

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