Which Countries Have The Best 5G Internet Availability In 2020-2021

5g Internet Availability

In this technology-driven world, every country wants to enhance its GDP by adapting 5G technology. The race to adopt this technology was started way back in 2016-2017. Giant communication service providers like Vodafone, Reliance Jio, Verizon, etc are battling for 5G trials and deploying the networks.

Why is every communication provider battling for deploying the 5G networks? According to many studies and reports, 5G technology will boost the employment rate by providing around 23 million jobs, and approx $13.2 trillion will be generated in the next 15 years.

Today, in this article, we’ll mention the countries with the best 5G internet availability in the upcoming years.

South Korea

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When it comes to deployment of the 5G technology, South Korea is holding the top position. According to the latest reports from South Korea, they have rolled out 5G internet in more than 80 cities back in January 2020. According to the stats released by South Korea Government, more than 95% of smartphone users will have the best 5G internet availability in the next five years.

LG Uplus, SK Telecom, and KT Corp are the three prominent South Korea carriers, which collaborated and deployed 5G technology. KT Corp was the first carrier who concluded a successful trial in the Taebaek Mountains of 5G technology. According to many 5G users in South Korea, they feel 5G is faster and better than 4G in terms of speed and pricing.


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Like South Korea, Japan successfully deployed 5G networks in the prominent cities back in the earlier months of 2020. NTT Docomo, the largest network carrier in Japan, started its experiments on 5G technology back in 2010. In September 2019, NTT Docomo started offering 5G services in the trial to the customers, and Japan also became one of the rarest countries having decent 5G internet availability.

In March 2020, Japan started offering regular 5G services to customers and even large-scale businesses. The reason behind this success is Japan’s communication ministry collaboration with KDDI Corp, SoftBank Group Corp, LTT Docomo, Sharp Corporation, Panasonic Corp, and Fujitsu LTD. LTT Docomo claimed that 5G is ten times faster than 4G network and soon every Japanese will adapt 5G internet services.


China is the second country to have active 5G internet services in the maximum number of cities. Back in January 2020, China began providing services to the customers of around 60 countries. China Unicom, China Mobile, and China Telecom launched deployed 5G technology in China. However, only Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shangai are having the best 5G internet availability.

China was failed multiple times while launching 4G technology, and now they have the best infrastructure and network carriers for 5G technology. According to the reports of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSMA), China will be having approx 450 million 5G connections in the next five years.

Final Wrap-Up

These were the top countries with the best 5G internet availability, and countries like the United States, India, etc are still battling to deploy the 5G technology.

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