What Are The Best 5G Samsung Mobiles That You Can Prefer To Buy?

Samsung Mobiles

5G has been launched in many countries and people there are enjoying using it. Sooner or later it will arrive in your country. So, better get prepared for it. With tremendous data speed, it also provides excellent connectivity. Though the technology is still on wait in many countries the devices that are competent with it are in the market. You can buy them now and get ready to enjoy 5G as soon as it arrives in your land. If your phone is broken or it has stopped working recently then you should buy a 5G enabled phone rather than any phone. Samsung mobiles can be a good choice for you.

Samsung 5g Mobile Price
What Are The Best 5G Samsung Mobiles That You Can Prefer To Buy?

The present price of Samsung devices is less than other such reputed brands in this industry. There are now several 5G enabled phones made by this company. From low to high price tags, there is a Samsung 5G mobile price for everyoneYou can easily find one that can fit in your budget. These phones are enabled with some exclusive features which are discussed later.

Best Samsung Mobiles In The Market

Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus

Like many other 5G phones, these phones of the Samsung series are also equipped with a very high-quality display. The phones in the S/20 series of Samsung are the most affordable 5G phones. The display of this mobile is made great with AMOLED panels. You can never find great features in a 5G enabled phone at such exciting rates. There is also a triple-lens camera present at the rear of these phones. 

Taking the S/20 into context, it is one of the best Samsung mobiles that you can have at an economic price. It is also lightweight and weighs about 200-217 gm and measures of 165.2 x 74.4 x 8.8 mm3. It is equipped with 12 GB RAM. Its storage is 512 GB. Its battery power is 4260 mAH. The rear cameras present in are of 48 MP, 13 MP, 48 MP and the front cameras are of 32 MP.

Samsung Mobiles – Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G

Like other phones in this Samsung mobile series, it also looks stylish. Along with 5G connectivity, it is very good for taking notes, annotating documents, and sketching. Though it is a bit expensive price, it has some unmatched features. It is better than many other phones of this standard.

Samsung Mobiles To Enjoy 5G
What Are The Best 5G Samsung Mobiles That You Can Prefer To Buy?

Its dimensions and resolutions are 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9 mm, 1440 x 3040. The processor used in it is snapdragon 855. It runs good with 12 GB RAM and has storage either of 256 GB or 512 GB. It is equipped with a batter of 4300 mAH. It has three rear cameras of 12 MP, 12 MP and 16 MP and the front camera is of 10 MP.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

If you are looking for a cutting edge feature in a 5G smartphone then it is the one for you. This Samsung mobile is a bit expensive. It has a great AMOLED display of 120 Hz screens and the main camera of 108 MP. Its features are too good to cover up its high price. If you are a technology freak then you are surely going to love this phone.

It weighs 222g and measures 166.9mm x 76mm x 8.8mm. It has a screen resolution of 1440 x 3200. It is available in 12 GB RAM and 16 GB RAM. It is also available with three different storages 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB.


If you are looking for a reliable 5G phone then there is nothing better than these Samsung mobile phones. There are several other brands also available but only one or two give features at affordable prices. These brands are not as trusted as Samsung.

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