Using Cisco 5G Networking With the Right Equipment

cisco 5g network

Cisco has made the decision to offer 5G networking to companies of all sizes. The premise for this move is that the massive market for VoIP is on its way to consolidating itself and Cisco is the chief architect of this new technology. The aim is to get businesses to communicate over large distances without worrying about network congestion. This has the potential to help businesses in areas where normal DSL and cable networks don’t go, such as rural areas and cities.

The basic premise behind 5G networking is that it requires data to be encoded in real time which enables the network to detect and process the information in real time. Think of voice data sent back and forth via a cell phone and a computer network. If you’ve ever used voice over a computer network then you’ve experienced packet loss which can disrupt your call. This is why you need to ensure the network you’re using is secure.

An Overview

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With Cisco’s new technology in place security isn’t an issue. Because data is always in motion, Cisco has designed Cisco IP phones that are IP telephones. You no longer have to use a separate telephone line when connecting to a Cisco phone. All calls made within the same network are automatically dialed from the IP address of the router or phone. This ensures security and reliability.

This means if you’ve ever suffered a serious security breach you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen. Just because you’re on a Cisco network doesn’t mean you won’t experience problems. In fact, security is one of the top priorities at Cisco. They have over a thousand security solutions deployed which constantly test and monitor the network to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

When you have security integrated into your Cisco network you’ll appreciate the extra benefit of having firewall rules. These will prevent unauthorized access by filtering traffic to and from certain types of networks. For example, you might not want employees to go outside of their company’s network to visit online poker sites. If you’ve applied a firewall to your network they can’t access those sites.

Using Cisco 5G Network With Right Equipment

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In some cases people try to access a company network via another network. While this can be accomplished via a router, it’s often not practical. Firewalls will prevent them from doing so. In addition, if you’ve ever had someone who’s trying to access a personal computer in your home, you know this can be a real pain.

Speaking of personal computers, you’ll also find that Cisco has integrated routers with phones that have the capability to access the internet wirelessly. You might be wondering how this is different from just having a normal router. Well, it’s actually not. Because you’ve integrated the phones with the network you already have, they can already have wireless connections built into them.

A Cisco router won’t be able to pick up and transmit any of the data (such as emails or files) automatically. This is all done by the Cisco equipment. All of the security is handled by the network itself. It’s an extremely secure form of internet connectivity. Take the time to learn more about this form of networking.

The next step up in the Cisco 5G family is their switch. A switch is essentially a portion of the network that is given special attention. This is the heart of the entire network, allowing devices to communicate and perform functions without being in the same area. What makes it so useful is that with the switches comes automated port checking, which helps to ensure that only allowed devices are attempting to connect with the network.

In The End

As mentioned, Cisco has taken their expertise and used it to create devices that will make the entire premise of networking easier. Whether you’re a small business or an office of hundreds, having one of these systems integrated into your network can mean more efficiency and less headache. Take a look today at what they have to offer, and soon you’ll be able to see just what a difference integrating Cisco security into your network makes.

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