Top 5G Cell Phones And Plans You Should Check Out

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If you are shopping for a new cell phone, 5G models are definitely the way of the future to go. 5G mobile phones are all the rage with consumers, with major wireless carriers offering more 5G enabled smartphones as they become even better and bigger than before. Here are some of the top 5G smartphone brands to choose from. Let’s dive in…

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Top 5G Cell Phones And Plans You Should Check Out

According to Apple, they have pressed in more 5G band in its brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max than any other smartphone in the market. And you will get to enjoy the high-speed internet on this phone for a long time thanks to its humongous battery. In fact, according to Tom’s Guide battery test, iPhone 12 Max Pro lasted nearly 11 hours of internet surfing at 5G speed. Plus, this phone can also save some juice by automatically shifting from 5G to 4G when you’re doing fewer data-intensive tasks such as streaming music. Without a doubt, this is by far the best 5G smartphone you can get your hands on today, period.

It has an impressive 6.7 inch OLED display which is perfect for video streaming and showing off the photos you have captured with its amazing camera. The main camera gets a boost of 87% increased low-light performance than its previous model and its 2.5x telephoto zoom ensures you get a closer look at the object of your image while capturing it. With ceramic shield display, MagSafe wireless charging, and ultrafast A14 bionic processor, iPhone 12 Pro Max is an amazing future-proof 5G smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 line-up is the first smartphone series that used Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 888 processor which supports every single 5G network available in the U.S. And our favorite pick is definitely the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Not because it’s around $200 cheaper than the previous S20 model, but because of its extra-long battery life.

It lasted for a total of 11.5 hours in our battery test where we constantly surfed the internet at the 5G speed. Plus, it also has a refresh rate of 60Hz which is phenomenal considering its almost half-day-long battery life. And that’s as good of a quality as the new ultra-expensive screen and the S pen support of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

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When Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus came as a replacement for its predecessor, it surprised everyone. Not only it costs less than $200 than the old Galaxy S20 Plus, but it also comes with a lot of new features that were lacking in the previous generation’s flagship model. For starters, this big and enticing phone’s display comes with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and it features the new Snapdragon 888 processor that supports every single 5G network in the US.

Even if this phone lacks some of the premium features of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, starting at $999 for its 128GB storage variant, this phone is a force to be reckoned with. This 5G phone features the new Qualcomm X60 5G modem that will help you access any 5G band you need. Plus, it will support the 5G network from all the network carriers available in the US including Verizon’s mmWave network.

Now, that’s a deal you definitely can’t miss.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

It’s true that the new OnePlus Nord N10 5G isn’t quite that powerful as its previous Nord series smartphones. But don’t let this discourage you from getting this extremely affordable 5G handset. Powered with excellent 12-hour battery life, decent performance from Snapdragon 690, OnePlus Nord N10 5G is the current best budget 5G phone from OnePlus available in the US. It  has a 30T quick charging technology that charges your phone at a lightning-fast speed. Plus, it features a display refresh rate of 90 Hz, something you may only find in higher-tier expensive smartphones.

And all of these above come just at $299 which is unbelievable considering the generous features this smartphone from OnePlus has to offer. Although you will have to make some compromises in the camera and design, if you’re looking to upgrade of 5G connectivity without breaking your bank, then the current OnePlus Nord N10 5G is the best phone that will satisfy your thirst for 5G.

Verizon Network And 5G Cell phones

Verizon is the leader in the telecommunications industry and the owner of the best 5G mobile service. Verizon’s network can be found across most of America and is the biggest and most reliable wireless network. Verizon has a variety of deals for new smartphones and offers the best value with contract plans for consumers. Get the hottest new smartphones and save with Verizon.

Verizon 5G Network Plans And Benefits

Verizon’s network allows everyone to connect at a better rate and stay connected. The VerizonFi HD and Verizon Extreme HD TV are the latest additions to Verizon’s video entertainment offerings. Get blazing-fast wireless speeds with Sub-4G and Wave 5G technology. 5G plans begin at just $15/month.

Get the latest smartphones and get the best deals. Verizon is the leader in providing the best cell phone service. With all the latest and greatest phones and offers, Verizon is your best source. With great prices, free gifts, and more, Verizon has the best deals.

Get the hottest smartphones available. With the Verizon Edge, you get the benefit of staying in the loop. With Verizon FiOS, you get high-speed internet with digital cable for life. With Verizon Zephyrhills and Go Handsets, you get unbeatable coverage. Get the hottest cell phones and get the most value with Verizon’s contract plans.

5G technology is here and it’s time to get in on the action. Verizon has the network ready to take advantage of the new technology and offer the best possible deals. You get the technology without the high price and enjoy all the benefits that come along with Verizon’s premier service. Get the latest phones and get the best available deals.

Verizon has all the options for you and gets the best deals for you. No matter what your needs, you will find the best plan, and Verizon has everything to ensure that you get the best. With all the latest and greatest technology, Verizon has everything you need.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere. Make your cell phone into an all-in-one machine. Get the top deals and the best wireless services including international data services and more. You get wireless phones, tablets, and other accessories to keep you mobile. Be secure and get the best service with Verizon.

Verizon Plans For 5G Cell Phones

Everything you need and more, Verizon has it all. Enjoy the freedom of a smartphone, the convenience of online access, and the security of data locking. Get the best deals and the best plans for yourself. Choose the wireless service that is right for you and go wireless with Verizon. Get the latest and greatest cell phone and get the best deals on Verizon.

Verizon is the place to get the best wireless service and the best deals. There are all kinds of plans and offers to make your cell phone into an all-in-one device. Best wireless deals and best deals for the newest and best technology. Get the best service and give Verizon the best deals.

Whether you need a phone for messaging, video conferencing, or Internet calling Verizon has it all. Make it a home phone with a single line and get the same service as the best landlines. Enjoy text, email, and Web browsing. Connecting wirelessly means staying connected no matter where you are.

Whatever your needs, Verizon has it. Get the best deal and go wireless with Verizon. Take your pick from a large selection of phones, TFT modems, and unlimited data plans. Be wireless and stay in touch wherever you are. You can always upgrade when your data needs increase.

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