Tired of Having Multiple Cords? Get a Wireless Charger to Experience Peace of Mind While Charging!

The company’s today are really optimizing the way charging is done. Wireless charging is in itself and is certainly on a rise. The compatible device batteries are used that ultimately get the charge from the surface. There is no use of wires, long cables, and adapters when wireless charging is concerned. They are so small and one could easily carry them everywhere. Many people need these because they have the habit of losing the cords. The company that makes them has a high global reputation. The inductive electric power goes over the distance of 4 centimeters and at least 6 inches. An electromagnetic field is used to transfer energy. It is just a simple physics concept but has a lot of use in this device. The transmitter and the receiver are the two components of the device. Alternating current is generated in the coil that is able to really charge the mobile and other devices. The surface station and the mobile needs to be placed in a certain position. This would make sure that there is proper charging. There are communication transmitters that actually really help in the charging process. The wireless signal pick-up is very efficient and goes very well with devices. Design is something that would attract customers a lot. The modulator and the modulation system also is something that goes really well within the device. 

Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger For Apple Watch For iPhone X XS XR Samsung S10 18W Fast Charger For watch phone 11

Wireless transmission is there for a very long time and transmission through the air has changed how mobile phones are charged. Technological updates are constantly going around and that created this wireless charging. Cutting the use of cords is what the company really aims for. There is a tightly coupled electromagnetic field that goes through coils. There are also charging bowls in the devices, this makes the surfaces more compact. There is also a radio frequency wireless charging that would catch the signal from a distance. It is how the coils are being placed, the wider they are more the distance they would be able to get. There are also different kinds of charging power that the device produces. Low power may go to a 5 watts electric charge, the medium power consumes at least 120 watts. It depends upon the user how fast they want to get their devices charged. One needs to make sure that the transmitter and the enabler have the strongest connection.

Buy your Baseus 3 in 1 Qi Wireless Charger For Apple Watch For iPhone X XS XR Samsung S10 18W Fast Charger For watch phone 11 today.


  • GaN: No
  • Max. Output Power: 18w
  • Output Interface: None
  • Power Source: USB
  • Quality Certification: CCC
  • Model Number: wireless charger for airpods iwatch iphone
  • Applied Fast Charge Protocols: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Type: QI wireless charger
  • Attack Products: Micro USB Cable
  • Compatible Model 1: For iPhone Xs Max Xr X Xs
  • Compatible Model 2: For Samsung Galaxy S8 S8 Plus / Samsung galaxy note 8
  • Compatible Model 3: For Nokia nokia 7 plus
  • Compatible Model 4: For Sony Z3V Z4V Google Nexus 4 5 6 7 LG G 5
  • Compatible Model 5: For Iphone Watch 4 3 2 1
  • Compatible Model 6: For apple watch
  • Color: Black / White
  • Feature 1: Overcharge protection
  • Feature 2: Overpower protection
  • Feature 3: Overheat protection
  • Usb Charger requirement: 20W


  • They are compatible with any company’s device
  • Non-raditive energy is not harmful
  • There is little to no chance of corrosion
A close up of a device


  • Loose coupled have low efficiency
  • Sometimes it may charge slow


Wireless phone charging has practically changed everything, the need for changing the damaged cords is over. It is a good thing to invest money in.

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