The Journey Of The Gs And The Verizon 5G Internet Service

verizon 5g internet service

During these present times of worldwide lockdowns and the pandemic having interrupted our daily lives in all ways we can think of, the ‘G’s are really important. The better your internet speed is, the faster you can get your things done and the less you will have to worry about any other thing. Be it your office work, your child’s homework or even ordering food from outside, almost all of our day to day lives are dependent on one thing and one thing only – internet connectivity. And it is during these times that the Verizon 5G internet service has had our backs.

Well, talking of internet services, let us take a look at how it has evolved over the years.


A hand holding a cellphone

The time when the first analog cell phones step into the world. We were all overjoyed that we could talk to whomever we want even when we step outside of the house and to be honest, we were all extremely excited to have these cell phones in our lives!


A hand holding a cellphone

SMS and voicemail stepped foot into our lives for the first time. Now, we could not only talk to other people when outside the house, we could also leave them a message in case they were unavailable and being able to do something like that at that time was surely a big deal. Well, I wouldn’t say that we messaged only when we had something important to say. It then became a medium of passing time by sharing jokes and chatting with our friends and family, all thanks to 2G.


Standing where you are today, can you ever imagine a day without scrolling through the social media? Or imagine booking an Uber from an unknown location and the driver calling you up to ask you where you are. Oh god! We cannot even imagine. Well, thanks to 3G, all of this was eventually possible and now we can do anything we want – be it sharing memes with your friends or sharing your location with the Uber drivers.


Faster connectivity and lesser troubles. That’s what 4G is about. We can now easily use this connection even in our cell phones and make them as useful and important as our computers or laptops. And to be very honest, 4G has really made our lives great.


Verizon claims that their 5G connectivity is the most robust and fastest internet connectivity anyone has ever seen. This means quicker downloads, lesser buffering and a much lower lagging along with greater significance of our online work. Again, given the present scenario this connectivity was utterly needed and Verizon has now made it possible for many of us to have it.

Wrapping Up

We know that having a 5G internet connectivity will make our work from home scenarios a lot easier and we can get our work done on time, but we also need to remember that it is not absolutely good for the environment, especially the birds. So, whatever you do, make sure that you do not affect the environmental balance in any way.

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