Some Real Disadvantages Of 5G For Countries That Are Waiting For It

Disadvantages of 5G

Commonly, people think about the benefits that the 5G network is going to provide them. Not many people think about the disadvantages. Well, several experts are saying that this network technology can damage the DNA of human beings. Some others are saying that it can cause brain cancer in humans, premature aging and it can also destroy cell metabolism. It depends upon what you believe. If you believe in myths then you must not buy this technology but if you are a science and facts person then in this article you will find some real disadvantages of 5G. You can read it and then decide whether it is good to use or not.   

About 5G
Some Real Disadvantages Of 5G For Countries That Are Waiting For It

There are all kinds of talk about 5G so a person doesn’t get a clear answer for it. So, let’s start by talking about working. It works like other cellular networks only like 4G LTE. In this technology, the data is encoded through OFDM which is Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing. It is the same encoding that is done in 4G LTE also but it is 30% faster than LTE. Also, it has better flexibility and latency.

Disadvantages Of 5G – Increased Cybercrime

One of the worst disadvantages of 5G is its speed and technology. Some experts think that 5G can be a weapon with which cybercrimes will increase. Its high tech capacity will encourage cyber attacks. Some applications are not allowed to run on the 5G network because of the same reason.

With such words going about 5G, it is going through the research all over the world. This makes it a technology that is still under process. Though some companies have launched it, there are still few nations that are not accepting it.

Not Enough Support

It is the most advanced network technology for which many countries don’t have sufficient infrastructure to support it. They are just incompetent in handling this advanced technology. So, it might reach in some parts of the world very late. This might create some problems in the future of communicating with those countries.

Being Expensive Is Also One Of The Disadvantages Of 5G

Another point in the disadvantages of 5gis its high price. 5G technology is very expensive and the phones that support it too. Though it offers high speed but at a very high cost. To enjoy it, you have to buy a 5G competent device that many people cannot afford. Also, there is WiFi already available that gives such speed at a comparatively very low cost.

Disadvantages Of 5G you Must Know
Some Real Disadvantages Of 5G For Countries That Are Waiting For It

Advancement, Not An Invention

Also, there is the VoLTE technology is used as in 4G so there not any upgrade present for voice calls in 5G. This is why many technological experts consider it an advancement, not an innovation as it works mostly on the same technology as the previous networks.

Health Disadvantage

Some people are also afraid of its EMF radiation which can damage the human body. As 5G will provide better connectivity and speed, it will also increase the range of electromagnetic field. It can increase anxiety and depression in people. But, there are some ways present to lessen these radiations.


5G is the most advances in network technology. But, as any technology has its disadvantages so does 5G. But, the best thing about 5G technology is that it will not stay limited to the smart devices only, it can give rise to other inventions also. You must also read its advantages.

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