Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5g T Mobile – The Only Review You Need

note 10 plus 5g t mobile

Samsung has recently launched their newest Smartphone the Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g t mobile. Not to mention Samsung has taken their game a step further with this phone. In this luxurious Smartphone, you will experience a lot of great features that Samsung has included in their newest launched Galaxy phone.

Take a look at this entire article to know everything from the scratch about this phone from Samsung. 

Comparing Note 10 Plus 5G And iPhone XS Max

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These smartphones were highly linked all over the world because of their price range. In some of the countries and states both of the phones were priced at a similar, rather same price point. Per se both of the phones cost somewhat 1099 dollars. 

The only difference is that one of them is android and the other one is ios. Other than that by paying this amount you can have the Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g t mobile which has a wider screen, SD card Slot, and a touch pen which also has 256GB of internal storage. Whereas, with the XS Max you will only get 64 GB of internal storage.

Display With The Front Facing Camera

When it comes to displaying, Samsung has done an excellent job. The size of the screen is a whopping 6.8 inches. It is also an HD screen. The front camera is punched onto the top side of the screen. Besides, the punch hole of the front camera takes up 26% less space compared to S10 plus. 

The front side of the phone is entirely taken by the screen. The edges are angled giving it a classy and modern touch. The Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus 5g t mobile is extremely thin and weighs less than almost all of the smartphones available.

Take A moment To Appreciate It’s Look

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When it comes to the exterior of the phone it looks mesmerizing and it will surely steal your heart. As mentioned earlier it is quite large and the biggest problem with large phones is that they don’t fit in your palm. Another mention-worthy thing is that even though it has a micro SD slot the headphone jack is completely missing in this one.

It has multiple color options all of them have a mirror effect. The colors are especially very good and make a rainbow effect beneath the light. The slippery back gives it an airy feel but can be tricky to get a grip of. Nonetheless, the overall look of the note 10 plus 5g t mobile will turn some head for sure.

 Camera And Connectivity

The first and foremost reason why it is so much in the discussion is because of its 5G network connectivity. Not to mention it has extremely good connectivity and network.

And the camera quality of note 10 plus 5g t mobile deserves some large amount of praise as well.


Our final thoughts on this are quite positive and not only us all of the users who have already used the note 10 plus 5g t mobile have left some remarkable feedback. Lastly, if you are impressed by this review you can lay your hands on it too.

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