Reasons for 5g internet not showing up

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5G Wifi internet access provides fast and blasting internet access to all the devices. Nothing could be more frustrating than the fact that this wifi does not show up in the device list of available networks. Then, there is no point in installing the 5G Wifi. This is a relatively very common issue and you are not alone in this struggle. This is a common problem but most people are not aware of how to fix it. Let’s get into some tips and tricks to how to solve this problem and get back to unlimited fast internet speed. 

Reasons for 5G internet not showing up

Reasons for 5g internet not showing up

There are many reasons for the 5G network not showing up. Some of the reasons are listed below.

  • The laptop or computer may not be compatible with the 5Ghz network.
  • The hardware especially your router may not be compatible with your 5G network.
  • Access to your 5G network is not possible as it may not be set up properly.
  • The drivers may be corrupted or outdated.

Check whether your computer supports 5G internet

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Before trying out any complex solution, first, check if the device is compatible with the 5G network. For that follow these steps:

  • Open the Run command box. This is done by pressing the Windows key and R or type run in the search box at the start menu.
  • Then type cmd in the dialog box and launch the terminal.
  • Then type “netsh WLAN show drivers” in the cmd window and press Enter. This will display the Wifi drivers.
  • Check the section that says ”Radio type supported”.
  • There will be three possible networks. Check if 11a 802.11g 802.11n is shown. If this is visible then your system is compatible with the 5G network or else it is not.

If the third network is visible then 5G is enabled and the problem is in the router. It has some errors in the settings that have to be corrected. If the third one is not visible then 5G is not enabled in your system.

Check if Wifi Router supports 5G bandwidth

To find out if your router is compatible, you will have to do some research. Check the manual of the router. Usually, this information is present in the document. If you are still unable to find this information, then check the official website of the router. Look for your model and see if it supports 5G internet.

Enable 802.11n mode on the adapter of your computer

There is a possibility that the computer adapter is not configured properly.

  • Press the Windows key and X simultaneously and launch Windows Device manager.
  • Click on network adapters and then select wireless Adapter
  • Right-click there and choose Properties.
  • Select 802.11n mode and enable that. Then save the new settings by clicking ok.


These methods will probably enable a 5G connection. There are many more methods to try if your laptop is not configured with 5G. you can update your Wifi driver or do that manually. There are many methods to solve this issue in Android phones as well. One of the best ones is to reboot your mobile or change the adapter settings.

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