Radiation 5g Network – How Radiation Therapy Works

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The Radiation Treatment Centre or Radiotherapy as it is commonly known to the public is a medical facility whose services are focused upon the treatment of cancer patients by using high-energy radiation beams. Radiotherapy is based upon the theory that the body can heal itself provided it has the necessary substances and the right type of stimulation. This therapy has been used for decades but its scope of application was restricted because of its high cost. The Radiotherapy facility provides the patient with an environment that encourages healing without the use of drugs or surgery.

Radiation Therapy Involves The Use Of High Energy Rays – Radiation 5g Network

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Radiation is used mainly in the initial stages of cancer therapy so that the tumor can be removed surgically or chemically. Radiation therapy involves the use of high energy rays like x-rays, gamma rays, protons and electrons as well as gamma rays. The beam is adjusted to an energy that will kill the cancer cells in the immediate area without harming normal cells in the body. The radiation beam is directed at the tumor, causing intense heat and intense pain.

While radiation works to destroy malignant tumors, it is important to understand that it will also have some long-term side effects that can impact on the body’s health in the long run. In fact, many of the drugs used to treat cancer today have at least some amount of radiation in them. In addition, radiation therapy has been associated with some cancers leading to increased risk of recurrence. Radiation affects the bone, muscle, brain, skin, internal organs and even the eyesight. It has also been associated with an increased risk of developing an organ disease such as lung cancer.

Radiation Is Used In The Initial Stages Of A Cancer Treatment

When radiation is used in the initial stages of a cancer treatment, it is often paired with chemotherapy. This medication is used to eliminate the remaining cancer cells from the body so that they do not continue to grow out of control. Cancerous cells often attach to healthy cells resulting in what is known as metastasis, which means that the cancer can spread from the area it originally started. Chemotherapy is used to minimize the risk of the cancer growing back after the radiation has been used.

Some types of chemotherapy are used more frequently than others. Some combination therapy methods can actually be harmful. Radiotherapy is one of these methods. It is a way to use high-energy radiation and also high doses of chemotherapy at the same time. The more radiation is used, the higher the chances of cancer cells attaching to healthy tissue. This type of radiation therapy is often used in conjunction with surgery.

A Lot Of Risks Involved When It Comes To Radiation

There are a lot of risks involved when it comes to radiation and especially when it is used without a medical necessity. For example, a high dose of radiation is needed to kill cancer cells but then the patient must also take in a certain amount of nutrition to replace what the radiation has killed off. With chemotherapy, radiation is used to kill off cancerous cells but it is still present in the patient’s body. That means the cancer will keep growing and potentially come back at any time. Therefore, the person will need to take in more chemotherapy to make up for what the radiation did to cure the original cancer.

The risk of cancer cells coming back after receiving radiation therapy ranges from “weak” to “moderate”. The weak variety means that the radiation treatment could possibly cause the cancer to return in a matter of weeks or months. In this case, more chemotherapy would have to be done to completely stop the cancer from growing back.

Summing Up

Moderate radiation therapy usually lasts between six and nine months. This kind of radiation is enough to shrink the cancer cells and stop them from spreading to other parts of the body or to other organs. The patient may still need to take in a certain amount of nutrition to make up for what the radiation did to kill off the cancer cells, just not as much.

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