No More Buffering With 5G Technology!

No More Buffering With 5G Technology!

What Is 5G Technology?

5G Technology is the next-generation of the telecom networks. It is an upcoming technology. Consequently, it will improve the speed and bring in a new era of the IoT ecosystem. Moreover, it will serve as a communication network for billions of connected devices. There are specific requirements on which 5G Technology is driven:

  • The data rate will be up to 10Gbps.
  • The availability percentage of the networking system will be 99.99%.
  • It will cover 100% of the connectivity range.
  • There will of 90% reduction in the network usage energy.
  • The battery life for a lower IoT device will be up to 10 years.
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area.
  • Speed will be 1-millisecond latency.
  • A number of devices connected (100x per unit area) will be more than the current 4G LTE connection.

Features Of 5G Technology.

Depending on the above requirements, the main features of 5G Technology are:

No More Buffering With 5G Technology!
No More Buffering With 5G Technology!
  • Massive communication between machines:
    The gigantic connection between networks is called IoT. It involves connecting billions of devices without any human intervention. Similarly, it will build up the potential to revolutionize the modern industrial process and its applications.
  • Ultra-reliable communication latency:
    The ultra-reliable feature includes a mission-critical, which has control of devices in its real-time, robotics, communication between the vehicles and safety systems, etc. As a result, it has a low latency communication that opens a new world for communication in remote areas like medical care, advanced procedures, and treatment for all.
  • Enhanced mobile broadband services:
    An era of new applications will begin wherein fixed wireless internet access, podcast, a broadcast system, etc. will be included. With, this, 5G Technology will bring in higher speed and greater productivity for mobile broadband services. Moreover, it will help human beings to grow there connection without any interruption.

How Does It Work?

In the beginning, 5G will integrate with existing 4G networks. This will help in building up continuous connections without any inconvenience caused to people. There are two main components, to sum up the mobile web and they are:

  1. Core Network: Mobile data exchange system that not only includes voice calls, text messages, internet browsing, video calls, etc., but also connecting other devices through Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity.
  2. Radio Access Network: The small cell technology helps in faster browsing and moreover, getting results in just milliseconds. It will provide a continuous connection with the cells that are clustered in a wide range of a macro network.
No More Buffering With 5G Technology!
No More Buffering With 5G Technology!

5G Technology uses multiple elements to work. For instance, Macro Cells like MIMO that help the antennas to communicate, send and receive more data, connect, and maintain the speed. Above all this, the most important is it benefits the user to connect to more people and keep high-speed connectivity throughout without any buffering.


Thus, it is witnessed that the introduction of 5G technology leads to an increase in the spectrum of connectivity. For instance, speed is an important factor between generations and significant changes in technology. It is tough to bring in 5G Technology, however, with the help of physical fiber-optic cable, it is possible and safe to bring in the 5G era.

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