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5g network in world

It is interesting to note that the leading telecoms operators in the UK namely Vodafone, Three Mobile and T-Mobile all have an aggressive marketing campaign underway in China. These companies claim to be the leaders in offering mobile services to China. In a recent article by CCTV it was reported that Vodafone was offering free calls to mainland China customers.

Vodafone’s China CEO John Coughlin also mentioned that they aim to have all of China’s population covered by their mobile services in five to six years. This is great news for the Chinese people as it means that they will have more choice when choosing their mobile telecom provider.


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There was a report released recently in the UK, highlighting problems with Vodafone and others in the area of offering mobile services in China. The report stated that whilst Vodafone was offering 5G to some of its customers, they were reducing the coverage of other areas. It cited a case where a customer had purchased a SIM card from Vodafone to use in another country but had not received any service for over a month. The other company involved was not named but was said to be one of the largest providers of mobile coverage in China. The problems faced by these companies should be highlighted as they are the two largest operators in the UK. It should also be noted that the two companies are bidding for the rights to provide 5G in China.

It was also revealed in the same report that the other countries in the world that are offering mobile broadband services include Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It is estimated that by the end of the next year at least twenty-five providers will have taken up the offer to provide 5G services to their customers. A further thirteen are said to be in the process of launching their 5G networks. Vodafone has received the lion’s share of the media attention as it was the first major company to launch the service but there are others who are following closely behind.

Alternative To Vodafone


In Norway, a proposal was brought forward to allow telecoms to take control of the Norwegians mobile network. This would mean that Norwegian mobile users would be provided with an alternative to Vodafone. This decision has yet to be approved by the Norwegian government although it is understood that may happen within the near future. The Norwegians could opt to keep their existing operators who already provide 5G services.

In London, it is hoped that the Norwegians will follow suit and also those in South Africa. These are two areas in the world where the technology has not been used fully and there are still gaps to be filled. It is also hoped that these plans will stimulate new development in the cities along the routes of the proposed transatlantic cable network. The cable route would link the main cities in Britain and the Netherlands, which currently have the only major terrestrial fiber optic cable stations in these locations. There are two other proposed routes that would connect the British cities of Birmingham, Wales and England to Dublin, Ireland and Galway, Scotland.

Consumers And Businesses

It was also announced today that Vodafone will be the market leader in the world when it comes to the next generation of telecoms devices and services. It is hoped that the introduction of 5G will trigger more competition in the industry, which should benefit consumers and businesses across the UK. There will be three different generations of devices to choose from, namely, Sim Free, Sim Plus and Enterprise.

The aim of the new technology is to make communication more convenient for consumers by providing them with a mobile phone with a larger screen and more applications. The devices should also be able to connect to the internet at the same time as they are surfing the net and this will make working more convenient. 5G will replace the current technology with technology that combines the best of both worlds and this should increase the speed of connectivity in the workplace.

Final Words

The other cities in Europe that are getting ready to take the 5G challenge are: Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona and Rome. With the introduction of VoIP, it is hoped that communication between individuals will become more efficient and people will not miss a call even if it is for half an hour. By introducing VoIP to the continent, it is hoped that productivity and profitability will increase and companies will not miss out on business due to lack of communication links. A meeting was held between the VoIP head of Vodafone Germany, Christian Louboutin and the head of the German Football Association, Reinmar Freund, who is in charge of the German league and also has control over the entire soccer league, which has many teams in it.

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