Know The 5G Mobile Technology Abstract

5g mobile technology abstract

The current mobile network technology, GSM, has been known to be somewhat slow when it comes to data transmission. This is why many people cannot switch to other means of communication such as IPTV and VoIP services. But this will all change once 5G is introduced in the market.

So What Does 5g Have To Offer?

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It is the next generation in mobile telephony and wireless networks. This latest technology will utilize the Wi-Fi technology in order to enhance mobile connectivity. With the introduction of this wireless technology, it will be easier for users to access different applications on their mobile phones. They will also be able to watch media content on their devices such as video and music.

5G is expected to bring drastic changes not only in the wireless networks and telecommunication technology in general. It is also expected to bring a revolution in the way people communicate using mobile phones. The transport protocol also known as WAN (Wireless Access Network) is the main component of this latest technology. This component enables users to access various services offered by different providers such as games, business applications and VoIP services.

Ip Address Based Roaming

Know The 5G Mobile Technology Abstract

Another technology that is being implemented in the near future is the IP address based roaming. This is known as the virtual cellular service or the virtual mobile phone service. This technology uses the same technique used in your computer to access the Internet while traveling to another country. What this does is that it translates your IP address and PIN number to enable you to connect to a particular network. It can either use the Wi-Fi connection or your normal wireless phone.

This new technology also uses the Wi-Fi Protected Access that was introduced in Windows Vista. With this technology, the data on your device sends to the network layer is protected from being captured and read by other users. This layer also called WPA is the backbone of the current 5G mobile Internet. With this WPA security, your data cannot be accessed by anyone except you and your intended network. You can surf the web and send email easily with the help of your mobile phone.

Mobile Communication

Another thing that you must know about this mobile communication is its usage in commercial settings. In corporate environments, they use this mobile technology for their corporate network. This network supports VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which is the new trend in mobile communication. VoIP uses your existing lines of telephony to make calls over the Internet using your broadband connection. You can either make local or international calls through this feature.

If you are wondering what is not, then you should know that it is the process used for verifying the identity of the user logging on to the Wi-Fi hotspot. This is also the part of the security algorithm for your device. If someone else signs in with a valid username and password, they will automatically see a visible icon on their screen. In simple words, or is used as an authentication mechanism for your mobile communication device.


If you want to check out how this works, you should go to Google and search for the “5g mobile networks” in the search engine. There are different wireless network service providers who provide different mobile connectivity features for their users across the globe. You should know that with different services providers comes different charges too. However, you should know that these charges are quite nominal in comparison to the benefits you can get.

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