How To Get The Most Out Of Verizon FiOS

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This article will give you the details about Verizon’s latest offerings for consumers. Verizon’s FiOS system is a bundle of innovative technology that delivers amazing broadband services with a competitive price. Verizon’s fiber optic network expands beyond metropolitan areas for a real home entertainment experience with state-of-the-art TV and digital cable channels. For users, Verizon FiOS offers a home entertainment control system with hookup to the Internet for hands-free video streaming. There are also voice mail services to choose from for added voice quality.

Number Of Bundles

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What’s great about Verizon FiOS is that it offers a number of bundles. These bundles are tailored to meet the needs of the consumer and provide various benefits depending on what the customer needs. They include phone service, high speed Internet access (Dial up), cable TV and digital voice service. These services can be combined to create a bundle called Verizon Ultimate TV, which includes all services together for a one-time low monthly charge.

Advantages Over Cable Tv And Dsl

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Verizon FiOS has many advantages over cable TV and DSL. It provides a bigger variety of phones available than other competitors and offers services like free local calls, HDTV with digital cable and special discounts for green products. In addition, many Verizon FiOS installations are done on already installed home entertainment systems and do not require any further investments. This lowers the outlay for a customer, making it a more affordable option.

Verizon FiOS provides the same savings on entertainment as cable and dsl services, but in a different way. Unlike cable and dsl, Verizon FiOS does not offer an unlimited line rental charge. Rather, FiOS packages have various plans that are based on how many lines one wants to attach. The basic package offers three lines and a discount rate of $5 per line. Other packages are available for as much as ten lines and additional lines at no extra cost.

Digital Telephone Service

Another great feature of Verizon FiOS is digital telephone service. Customers can get a broadband phone connection at no additional cost. New customers are eligible for a free digital phone as well. Digital phones work exactly like conventional landlines, even including caller ID and call waiting features. They can be used in the office or at home, and they can also be used to replace traditional phones.

One of the best FiOS packages, however, is the Digital Single Line plan. With this package, customers only pay for one line for either themselves or their family. Two phones can be added for a very modest additional fee. Even better, the cost savings this strategy offers cannot be beat by other means. When there are multiple lines, FiOS becomes even more valuable. For a customer who likes to have more than one line at their disposal, this is the best plan available.

Final Words

One of the best aspects of Verizon FiOS is that it supports VoIP technology. VoIP allows customers to use their regular phones to make calls over the Internet. VoIP is incredibly useful as it enables customers to make calls from a computer, laptop, or mobile device just as if it were made from a regular phone. To use VoIP calls, customers simply have to connect their devices to a VoIP enabled computer. No more hardware is required.

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