How Fast Is 5G Then 4G?

how fast is 5g

We all know that the internet was so important in this era, and now we are in the era of 5g. It is way better than 4g, but it works with only compatible carriers. A lot of people are facing differences between 5g and 4g, Apple’s Iphone 12 was the first product to enter 5g markets, and within no time, Samsung launched the galaxy s21 to enter into the 5g market.

5G Usage

Now one plus, Motorola and TLC have pushed the cost of 5g phones below $500. 5g is, to date, not so successful, and you will notice almost no change between 5g and 4g, just a bit increase in speed only in some areas.

Due to coronavirus and global pandemic, our team could not roam around and investigate the speed or do gigabit tests, so we cannot judge the actual speed.

Here are some of the things that we expect from 5g and some of which we have already seen in 4g.

In some of the fields, according to the expectation we have from 5g, it can download AT&T at the speed of 75.6mbps, whereas 4g could perform 37.1 Mbps. 4g speed is nationwide tested and stamped as the best network, whereas ookla’s testing tests 5g speed during the 4th quarter or 2020.

5G Reality

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5g speeds currently available are not even close to the promised speed, i.e., 1 Gbps.

In some sectors, speed has just a minor improvement that we have already seen in LTE. After testing all the networks worldwide, you can see the performance differences between 5g and 4g.

Downloading Speed Is Much Better In 5G In Case We Compare In Verizon

5g speed in some areas is also surpassing 1gbps marks, and it’s excellent. The thing that’s not good is that mm signals can’t penetrate physical barriers.

For experiencing the best 5g network today, you need to go to one of the 71 cities where Verizon has installed high-speed 5g. As Verizon has installed a small wireless device, its 5g speed tumbled from first to worst in ookla’s speed test.

Big Red Boasted 792mbps Of Speed During The 3rd Quarter Of 2020

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Since the start of 2021, there has been a rivalry between top networking companies and based on a May 21 report, AT&T claimed the highest 5g speeds while Verizon topped in the reliability columns.

At the end of this year, the target has been to make 5g reach more than 1000 towns and cities, and it aims to take it nationwide by the end of 2021.


The 5g performance is forever changing and does not have a consistency till now, which is very important for anything to get popular in the market. But if we look back at the carriers and charts, the internet has improved a lot.

5g promised many things that were not fulfilled, but still, we have high hopes for future projects regarding 5g.

I hope this helps you know about the entire theory regarding 5g networks.

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