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Verizon’s 5G network has been a topic of much discussion in the press recently, but what are Verizon’s Fiber Cities? The name is used to describe the areas that Verizon plans to use for its own VoIP services. These areas will have access to Verizon’s existing network and the company says that it is planning to expand into 100 cities by the end of this year.

The Verizon FiveG network is not actually a brand new technology. Verizon had previously used fiber optics in a bid to bring faster broadband to some of its rural customers. The method was considered unsatisfactory however and so Verizon decided to abandon the project. 

Verizon’s Decision To Move Into Fiber

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Verizon’s decision to move into fiber was prompted by two factors. The first was the demand for faster broadband, especially by businesses. The other was the fact that fiber optics is generally more cost effective than copper, particularly when used in smaller cities. In fact, fiber is already becoming the cable alternative of choice in many places because it is cheaper to deploy and it can offer fast speed. However, Verizon’s decision to go back to fiber might also influence people to buy phones from the company given that Verizon now owns part of a large cable company.

Verizon is looking to bolster its position in the communications market by focusing on metropolitan areas. It is already making a name for itself in the mobile industry. Its contract mobile network is one of the most popular and successful out there. Verizon will continue to support its existing network. Even so, it is clear that Verizon has an eye on expanding its area of coverage, especially as the wireless market continues to stagnate.

Moving In A More Aggressive And Competitive Direction

Verizon’s decision to go ahead with fiber marks yet another example of the company moving in a more aggressive and competitive direction. Its older copper wires were becoming increasingly outdated. They were also susceptible to signal interference from other telecommunications companies. Moreover, they had less bandwidth compared to fiber-optic networks.

Verizon claims that its fiber network will offer faster internet speeds. This is made possible due to the fact that Verizon has incorporated optical fibers into the cables. The result is said to be more efficient signal transfer. Furthermore, Verizon says it will also offer faster data transfer rates. This is mostly beneficial to customers who have more than one high-speed internet connection.

Need To Be Backed By Concrete Proof

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However, critics say this all is hype and that such claims need to be backed by concrete proof. Verizon says that it will start offering its services in more cities in the coming months. The company did not share financial details regarding its current fiber network deployment strategy. 

It will, however, share the geographical scope of where the service would be offered. This will include the locations of its existing network plus additional cities in the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast.

Verizon FiveGound

Experts are not too optimistic about Verizon FiveGound. This is largely because the company has not released the details of its future fiber network plan. Verizon is, however, marketing its fiber to businesses in New York, which is one of the world’s biggest business centers. 

Further, Verizon already has significant market presence in the telecommunication sector in the form of its fiber network. With these resources, it may be possible for Verizon to take over cable TV provider, which currently holds a huge number of customers.


Furthermore, Verizon’s fiber network is not a perfect fit for the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which are usually the mainstay of the country’s economy. These firms do not have the financial backing of large multinational corporations. 

As a result, many smaller enterprises are unable to upgrade to fiber when it becomes available due to cost reasons. This poses a big threat to the country’s economic recovery, which depends on robust growth in the service sectors.

A Different Approach To Its Customers

However, Verizon FiveGound boasts a different approach to its customers. The company has designed a marketing strategy that would allow it to take advantage of the high fiber speeds offered by its competitors. This is done through a strategy known as fiber to go wherever there is cable internet. 

This means that Verizon can place its fiber optic network at power stations, hospitals, hotels, and other places where it can provide fast and reliable internet connectivity. In fact, Verizon is looking at places such as police stations, prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes to provide its services.


It is not only in the developed countries such as the US that Verizon’s network has an edge over its competitors. It also has an edge in developing countries like China, India, and Indonesia. All these nations are experiencing growing demand for internet services from their respective citizens. What is more, all these nations have experienced rapid development in terms of infrastructure and also the ability to develop broadband networks to cater to their needs.

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