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Tripods may appear awkward, heavy, expensive, and clumsy, but they’re one of the best camera accessories available. They provide a rock-solid foundation for your camera, which offers numerous advantages. A tripod is, in fact, a game changer for many photographers. It not only improves the technical quality of your photographs but also broadens your adaptability, aids with composition, and much more. Get Flexible Tripod Mobile Phone Holder Smartphone Stand With Remote Control Easy Selfie now!


  • Brand Name: lieve
  • Compatible Brand : Universal
  • Charger : No
  • Model Number : BZKF222
  • Use : Desk
  • Material : Plastic
  • Magnetic : No
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Provides a sense of security A tripod, first and foremost, assists you in keeping your camera stable in one spot. The capacity of this piece of equipment to hold the phone firmly without you needing to touch it is the foundation for every subsequent benefit that follows. Even if your smartphone camera includes optical image stabilisation (OIS), electronic image stabilisation (EIS), or both (more on that here), there’s only so much they can do to help stabilise your image. The tripod does all of the heavy liftings. • Better low-light shots It’s common knowledge that cameras don’t function well in low-light environments. Smartphone cameras struggle much more due to design limitations. However, various camera settings can be changed to boost exposure and light sensitivity. You may get brighter photographs in low light by altering the ISO and shutter speed. In the camera app’s Manual mode, you’ll find these two options, as well as others. The advantages of shooting manually can be seen here. • Maintains the sharpness of the photos This point is inextricably linked to the previous one. Making sure the image quality is sharp is one of the secrets to successful smartphone photography. This is accomplished by understanding how focus works and ensuring it is constantly sharp, with no motion blur from camera movement. Although fuzzy images are more common in low-light situations due to slow shutter speeds, they can also occur during the day for various reasons. • Makes you go slower (in a good way) There’s nothing wrong with taking a picture using your phone on the spur of the moment. That, in my opinion, is why smartphone cameras became so popular in the first place. Taking your time to acquire a shot, on the other hand, has its advantages. It has the potential to produce some truly remarkable outcomes. When you set up a tripod, you’re forced to consider the shot you want to shoot, the camera’s angle and location, and how you want to arrange the photo. This also allows you time to analyse your shot and consider the best camera settings for it.
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• Tripods might be cumbersome to transport. They’re clumsy by nature. Some tripods use telescopic tripod legs that store inside themselves and tripods composed of light but robust materials like carbon fibre and aluminium to prevent this. No matter how cleverly built, a tripod will nonetheless take up an unnecessary amount of space or weight.


Tripods can drastically improve your photography, so if you’re on the fence about purchasing one, do so.
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