Everything You Need To Know About 5G

Everything You Need To Know About 5G Technology

What is 5G Technology?

The fifth-generation technology is here. And it is going to play a much larger role than 4G technology. So, what exactly is this 5G technology that people are talking about?

As mentioned, it is the better version of 4G technology. It will use new radio interface and higher frequencies to transfer data in the air. And this NR will further enhance the OFDM of 5G technology. Thus, it is expected to reduce delays and provide ultra-fast connection. 

The best part is that 5G technology will not only upgrade the mobile network but also interconnect and control machines. It will deliver a better level of performance, which is also helpful for industries. 

This technology will bring consistency in user-experience and provide massive capacity. One great thing is its multi-Gbps peak rates and low latency. 

So, you can now comfortably watch as many videos you want to at the same time. And there won’t be any buffering! Isn’t that great? 

How 5G Technology Differs From 4G?

Everything You Need To Know About 5G
Everything You Need To Know About 5G

We can say that 5G technology is going to do wonders. Here are some of the new features of this technology:

  1. The OFDM of this technology is the same as 4G. The difference is the new 5G New Radio air interface that enhances the OFDM.  
  2. The new interface of this technology will allow more devices to work at the same time and area.
  3. When compared about 4G can handle only 4000 devices per square kilometer. But 5G will be able to handle nearly one million devices.
  4. It also uses Massive MIMO which gives better speed and capacity. 
  5. The ultimate aim of 4G was to provide better mobile broadband services. 5G aims at a much higher level. 
  6. There is no doubt that this technology will provide a faster pace than 4G. The peak data rates will be 20 Gigabits-per-second and average 100+ Megabits-per-second.  
  7. It will also support all types of spectrum including licensed, unlicensed, and shared.
  8. This technology will also support all types of bands. 

The Benefits Of 5G Technology

Everything You Need To Know About 5G
Everything You Need To Know About 5G

5G technology can be a turning point in people’s life. It will change the working and living scenario of the world. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits one can reap from this technology.

  1. Firstly, It will provide you with a much more stable network than previous generations. 
  2. As already mentioned, Its latency speed will be very low as compared to 4G ( almost 1 ms)
  3. Machine-to-machine connections will achieve a whole new level with the coming of this technology. Not just human connections but machines and devices can also easily connect. 
  4. M2M connections won’t require any process any human involvement. 
  5.  M2M network will let the enterprises to gather tons of data. 
  6.  Fourthly, The spectrum used by this technology is better than 4G. and has more capacity. It can tackle 100x more traffic than 4G. 


5G technology is all about a lot of new experiences. It will transform your city and home into a smart city and smart home. 

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