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Wall clock is one of the essential things, the lack of which gives your home decor an unfinished appearance.

Wall clocks with several variations from time display to architecture and building are now available.

You have to know the range to balance your company’s needs so that your office or home will have the best wall clock.

Classic Modern Acrylic Wall Clock

This wall clock is the term that could hit your head with the first shot when it comes to the wall clocks. In some of India’s most famous wall clocks, the brand is strongly traded. The wall clock is made of Silver and Gold in 2 colors.

Both colors look stylish and make your room more elegant. The bold black numbers and minute spikes are marked with a stick and Arabic time mark because the classy look of the clocks remains long.

This, along with optimally wide dimensions of the clock, enables you to read the time more conveniently, accurately, and pretty quickly, even from a distance.

It also features a beautifully designed black color hour, minute, and second hand that adds to the analog display and the white dial of this round quartz clock.

It also guarantees the accuracy of the numbers & convenience in seeing the time even at odd hours, i.e., midnight.

This lightweight wall clock has a beautifully crafted metal body and acrylic frame combination to fit with the conventional or contemporary style of the building, office, or other space.

Synthetic footboard timbering, imported high-quality acrylic dial, and metal handles add to the aesthetics and have longevity and long service existence.

The numbers are printed in a contemporary font which is enormous enough even remotely to make the clock come to terms with both the traditional and the modern theme of the room.

By simply cleaning it off with a wet cloth to ensure the glittering finish looks long-lasting and brilliant, the wall clock will be preserved.

Buy Classic Modern Acrylic Wall Clock For Decoration today.



Model Number-S111

Is Smart Device-no




Form-Single Face



Motivity Type-QUARTZ

Type-Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Type-15 mm Thick Plate


Feature-Loudspeaker Mute

Applicable Placement-living room


Display Type-Needle


Body Material-Acrylic

A clock mounted to the side


  • High-quality acrylic material
  • Stick and Arabic time marker
  • Lightweight
  • No ticking sound
A clock hanging on the wall


  • It isn’t suitable for small rooms


Be it electric, quartz, or optical, a wall clock is an integral part of your home or office decor. The task of displaying and keeping you in your schedules is one yet the most critical.

It’s not that easy to choose the right wall clock for a bed. It is not only due to the range of choices available in terms of form, size, and style but also because of the use of a small number of significant parameters.

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