Cell Phones Are Not the Cause of Any Health Risks.

5g network radiation

There have been several reports written about the dangers of 5g network radiation, but is it true? The truth is that the information out there has not been verified and has been done by people who aren’t very knowledgeable.

One of the common stories I hear is that cell phones that have been left on for too long have been known to emit radiation that can cause cancer. However, contrary to some popular claims, there aren’t any established medical effects from the mobile phone’s electromagnetic waves. However, this network will use more powerful electromagnetic waves, like those used in today’s 4G network.

Myths Around Cell Phones

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Another myth about current wireless phone networks is that using them can cause cancer. This is not the case. While some studies suggest that the body’s normal defense system may not be able to handle the constant exposure, it’s still not known if the increased amount of electromagnetic radiation will result in cancer or not.

It’s also unclear whether or not the increased amount of electromagnetic radiation will damage the body over time. Some studies have shown that cell phones can affect the brain’s ability to properly process sound. It’s unclear if the electromagnetic waves cause the problem or if it’s something else. So for now, it’s best to stay clear of the idea that your cell phone is causing you harm.

Still, not all of the different studies have been shown the same results. For example, some studies show that electromagnetic radiation can make it harder to produce sperm and that it may make it more difficult for the sperm to fertilize an egg. While these studies seem to indicate a possible problem, it’s unclear if these studies have enough evidence to support the claims.

Research Facts

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Researchers are looking at the effects of cell phones in other ways, however. They have found that these phones are playing a role in what’s called “non-thermal” hearing loss, which is a condition where hearing becomes impaired because of exposure to loud sounds, such as a concert, television, or noisy traffic.

Researchers believe that the increased amount of electromagnetic radiation being produced by cellular phones is playing a role in hearing loss. And because cellular phones are becoming commonplace, it’s easier than ever to become exposed to it.

Dangers Of Cell Phones

So while many people may not understand the dangers of cell phone use, they know that some problems can be avoided. Even the biggest myths out there about cell phones may eventually be proven wrong. Just because it hasn’t been officially proven doesn’t mean it’s not real.

The biggest myth about mobile phones is that they’re not damaging at all. That’s simply not true. And even if cell phones have a small impact on our bodies, the effect is far greater when compared to the effects of natural sources of radiation, such as cosmic rays or from lightning.

Final Words

Some reports claim that cell phone users who go outside in areas where there is an increased amount of electromagnetic radiation are more likely to suffer from brain cancer. This can be true, but it’s difficult to pin down the exact cause because the correlation is so poorly understood.

The thing that everyone knows is that cell phones emit radiation. The question then becomes how much and how dangerous it is. The studies that have been done to try to answer that question are still inconclusive.

So the answer is no, cell phones aren’t necessarily the cause of any health risks. It’s really up to the user to choose the option that is best for them. You can rest assured that your cell phone is probably doing you no harm, but if you’re concerned, it’s best to take the step to choose a phone that gives you the least amount of electromagnetic radiation possible.

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