Cell Phones – Advantages and Disadvantages

Cell Phones Details

A cell phone is a portable phone. Its size, weight, and power source vary from one mobile phone to another. A cell phone is an SMS-enabled mobile phone that is capable of transmitting data from one end to the other. It does not need any external device for the transmission of data from one end to the other.

Advantages of Cell Phone:

A person using a cell phone

The cell phone has become a necessary part of life in recent years. It can be carried easily from one place to another so you will never miss any call, message, or email. You can transfer your SMS and MMS via WAP or GPRS. It saves money and time. A cell phone has become a great asset in the business world. You can expand your company through advertising or promotion via SMS or MMS. Nowadays, many people are using cell phones for their business. This is an adorable device that can be used by children to play games without spending too much money. It entertains them whenever you are busy with your work. If parents give cell phones to their children as a reward for good grades then it will help you improve the overall performance of the child as well as yours because once kids get addicted, they cannot live without one.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone:

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Cell phones emit low levels of radiofrequency (RF) energy that can be absorbed by tissues nearest to where the phone is held, and this is called a SAR (specific absorption rate). Each cell phone model has a specific SAR value for each part of the body, depending on how much RF it emits, which also depends on where you hold your phone.

Cell Phones and Cancer:

There have been studies that show that cell phones increase a person’s risk of developing brain cancer. These include long-term heavy use of smartphones with just one earphone from wired headsets. This is especially true among people younger than 20 years old who have been using mobile devices since they were young children. Cell Phone users could be giving themselves cancer while they sleep, say scientists. People who use their phones in bed before going to sleep are exposing themselves to harmful levels of radiation. They discovered that placing a mobile near the pillow at night increases the risk of tumors by 70 percent and may also contribute to infertility.

Cause Brain Damage:

The radiation from cell phones can cause brain damage because radiation from cell phones passes through your ear closer to your brain. When you talk on a cell phone, it’s sending radiofrequency (RF) waves toward your head. Many studies have researched the effects of mobile phone use for a period up to 10 years after being reported.

Advancement in technology:

In recent years, due to advancements in technology, there have been many new features added to cell phones such as TFT display screen, Java, and Bluetooth. Now you can play games on your cell phone and access the internet as well. You can also receive and reply to emails and even change your wallpaper. The cell phone has become a status symbol in society. People who have them look more rich, important, and dignified. The children of all ages like this useful gadget very much because they can play games on it when they feel bored or irritated at home, in school or anywhere else.

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