Can 5G Replace Fiber Optic? An Emerging Debate.

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5G technology is almost knocking on the door. It is a technology that will transform our lives. But the inauguration of 5G technology has given rise to many debates. People question the existence of Fiber optic in the presence of 5G. Will the Ultra-fast speed of 5G replace fiber optic? First, let’s look at what is 5G technology?

5G is the fifth-generation technology. It is designed in a way to meet the fast life of the modern world. Some of the benefits of 5G technology are as follows:

  1. It is expected to give a stable and faster service with a very low latency speed. According to sources, its latency speed will be 1 ms or even less. 
  2. Machine-to-machine connections will also be possible with the help of 5G. And this process will not require any human interference. Big industries can collect data using M2M technology.
  3. 5G technology uses better spectrum than 4G LTE, which means better capacity.

How is 5G Technology Different From Fiber Optic?

Can 5G Replace Fiber optic? An Emerging Debate.
Can 5G Replace Fiber optic? An Emerging Debate.

Both technologies hold a few differences.

  1. Fiber optic uses cables and wires to deliver a fast internet connection to you. They use the power of light to transfer data at a great speed through the wires or cables
  2. On the other hand, 5G technology uses wireless small cell antennas to provide flashing internet speed.

When it comes to faster speed, both technologies provide neck-to-neck competition. However, they also come with a few pros and cons.

  1. 5G internet is reasonably low in price and is easy to install. But fiber connections usually take time in the installation process. They are mostly a bit high in price but few low-cost plans might be available.
  2. Fiber optic has successfully sustained in the market for quite a long time by now. Whereas 5G is relatively new.
  3. Fiber Optic is widely available, especially in rural areas.
Can 5G Replace Fiber optic? An Emerging Debate.
Can 5G Replace Fiber optics An Emerging Debate

Why Fiber Optic Will Still Be In The Market?

With the coming of advanced technologies like 5G, there are doubts about the existence of broadband connections. However, there are many reasons that clearly shows that Fiber optic isn’t going anywhere. Firstly there are so many devices in the market that supports Wi-Fi-only connections. Many companies have invested millions to build these devices. And there is no plan for them to stop making such tablets, phones, Tv’s etc. Secondly fiber connections are considered more secured in terms of share files from one to another. This is the primary reason behind companies and enterprises using fiber connections. Thirdly, the 5G network is still very new in the market and establishing their position will take time. Fourthly,


There is no doubt that 5G will bring immense benefits to its users. According to researches, wireless and fiber wire connections are just interrelated. The quality of the 5G network greatly depends on the fiber network as these wires will carry traffic from one 5G small cell to another. So, keeping in mind the above points it will be safer to say that there is no probability for fiber optic to go. 


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