Best 5G Smartphones – How To Compare Smartphone Features

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What Are The Best 5G Smartphones?

With the launch of 5G phones just around the corner, all of us are concerned about the hardware and software features in our smartphones and if they will be 5G-enabled or not. Most of us must have started hunting for the best 5G smartphones as well. Before delving more into the specifications, let us look at some of the leading phones that will lead the 5G technology. The best 5G smartphones in the market as of now are mostly from Samsung but others are not far behind. You can get good phones from Oppo, Nubia, OnePlus, and Sony as well.

Best Features of 5G-capable Smartphones

5G smartphones promise to deliver speed 20 times more than the current 4G network. The best features to look for are high RAM, high-resolution camera, and larger internal memory. Many phones are also equipped with 5G modems. The 5G network works with mmWave-based technology. And Galaxy S20 has the feature to get in synchronization with the mmWaves hence making it compatible with the 5G technology.

Best 5G Smartphones
Best 5G Smartphones – How To Compare Smartphone Features

The high-resolution camera will ensure that the phone captures perfect shots and make HD videos. Due to the pandemic, video calls, conferences, online tuitions, and online classes have reached a completely new level. 5G networks will be a boon for all such classes and a smartphone with a superb camera will add the cherry to the cake.

The larger internal memory will enhance the capability of the smartphone to handle 5G downloads and streaming. Running HD applications on the smartphone requires larger internal memory and superb RAM. So, this feature is also the most sought after feature for 5G-enabled phones.

Currently available phones can also be upgraded to become 5G capable. 5G network is the latest revolution in digital communication and new smartphones need to upgrade themselves to put up with the superb services that the 5G network has to offer.

What To Look For?

5G network promises to deliver reduced latency, high speed, and better connectivity. To deliver these services, the smartphone needs to be the best and fully compatible with 5G technology. 5G technology is the future consumers are expecting high speed, faster downloading and uploading, HD streaming, and uninterrupted live videos.

5G Phone
Best 5G Smartphones – How To Compare Smartphone Features


You should be cautious while choosing the best 5G smartphone that provides all the required features to support the 5G network and never lets you down. Keeping up to date with the latest technology is the need of the hour and everyone should be updated and aware of the new technologies.

This is the era of digital communication where virtual reality is the new way of life. Be it education or entertainment, we will need a 5G network. All the smartphones compatible and capable of 5G technology might be expensive in the beginning but eventually, you’ll start getting economic versions as well.

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