All You Need To Know About 5G Wireless Network

All You Need To Know About 5G Wireless Network
All You Need To Know About 5G Wireless Network


People are having very high expectations when it comes to technology. One thing that tops in the list of expectations is fast speed and connectivity. 5G is expected to fulfil this desire of people. 5G wireless network will not only control the connectivity of human but also the connection between machines.

Today, people want to access internet from any place and any location and for all purposes. Everything should be within our reach. Activities like checking emails to having a phone conversation, browsing the web, or playing online games and everything else.

Let’s Know What Is A Wireless Network

A wireless network is basically a network which is not connected with any kind of cables.This type of network will help people and machines to connect with each other without any wires. This saves a lot of cost for companies as they don’t have to spend money on buying expensive wires. It gives an ultimate freedom to people as they can check mail, connect and even work from anywhere they want.

There exist different types of wireless networks but one similarity that all these networks have is the fact that it involves two computers that actually communicates.

Types Of Wireless Network

All You Need To Know About 5G Wireless Network
All You Need To Know About 5G Wireless Network

WLANS (Wireless Local Area Networks)

This type of wireless networks let users in a specific area, for e.g.,within a university campus or even a library, get access to the internet.

WPANS (Wireless Personal Area Networks)
The Wireless Personal Area Networks is further divided into two parts. The first one is InfraRed (IR) and the second is Bluetooth (IEEE 802.15). These technology will let devices connect within a certain area (30 feet). However, the range of IR is less as compared to Bluetooth.

WMANS (Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks)
This technology lets devices of different networks connect in a metropolitan area.
For example, all the buildings in a metropolitan city.

WWANS (Wireless Wide Area Networks)

Wireless Wide Area Networks are meant for large areas like cities or even countries. Such kind of Wireless systems are quite advanced and provides fast connectivity.

The Biggest Concern That Is Arising With The Upcoming 5G Wireless Network.

Well, the biggest concern that people are having related to 5G is that of security. How safe is 5G technology from cyber attacks? Infact, many experts have already said that hackers will get more opportunities to attack with the use of 5G. There will be many more chances for cyber attacks especially if they by any chance hack loT devices.

5G networks are expected to increase the usage of IoT which again increases tight security for IoT devices. As already mentioned, the hackers will be able to come up with more number of access points to enter and attack the devices than the previous versions of technology.
Not just that, 5G technology has also promised to increase the number of automated vehicles. These vehicles will obviously use 5G internet connection. This even they need ultra safety and security measures.

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