5G Technology – Understanding The Benefits And Disadvantages

5G technology

As smartphone technology is getting enhanced continuously, people have seen more than one generation of data technology evolved in the past few years. It began with 3G and hyped to 4G LTE and now people are expecting 5G technology soon. Though there is time for 5G to become mainstream, the generation must learn about technology. If you are also waiting for the technology to come into the market then it is important to know some of its pros and cons.

5G technology Benefits
5G Technology – Understanding The Benefits And Disadvantages


5G Technology Has Increased Bandwidth For Their Users 

It is the primary benefit offered by the fifth-generation technology to its users. It will allow your devices to run smoothly and quickly in comparison to your previous technologies. You don’t have to fight for data in crowded places such as sports ground or airports. With increased bandwidth, people will be able to do more than one task on their devices connected to the internet. No matter you are downloading or uploading the file at the same time it will allow you to do it without any problem as well as without lowering down the speed of both the tasks. 

Fast Internet Speed 

Some people are waiting for 5G technology to experience its great browsing speed that will be a thousand times from the 4G network. Along with buffer-free streaming, it will allow them to download their videos without any problem in just a few minutes. The best thing about the technology is that it will offer high-quality videos and images no matter you are playing on your laptop, mobile, or computer system. You will not suffer from bad quality as you are suffering nowadays due to poor network speed.

Disadvantages Of 5G Technology

Increased Bandwidth Will Lower Down The Coverage 

One of the key benefits of the 3G network is that it can cover a wide territory with few setups because the network doesn’t require great bandwidth. That means the network has to be transferred to fell cells. On the evaluation of the 4G network, they started to offer great bandwidth. This lowers down the coverage radius for cells. The same pattern will be followed in 5G technology and will create problems in connecting your network where there is no tower. To improve the coverage they have to set up more tower cells that will be able to provide great coverage. This means the procedure is going to be longer and harder for you to experience great speed.

Advanced 5G technology
5G Technology – Understanding The Benefits And Disadvantages

Radio Frequencies Can Be A Great Problem For 5G Technology

Cell towers, radios, as well as satellites, basically communicate by using radio frequencies that are measured in Hz. Such frequency tends to operate in the range of GHz. It is assumed that the 5G network will be using a 6 GHz range to transmit the data. The bad news is that this range is already crowded with other signals like satellite links. This is going to create many problems in transmitting the data quickly to the connected device. It can also result in creating issues in connecting, receiving, and sending the signals from the devicesIt is one of the disadvantages that you should know.


5G network is going to be launched in the market soon. Before using it, it is important to learn some additional things about the network.

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