5G Predictions And EDGING

5G Predictions and EDGING

The GSM Mobile Broadband network used by most of the users today is starting to become increasingly outdated and this has prompted a lot of developers to introduce Next Generation Mobile Network (NG-M) or Next Generation Mobile Broadband. While both network technologies are quite similar in many aspects, there are some differences that we must discuss and understand before they can be properly compared. This article will explore these differences and where they could lead to in the future and how they may affect users. Also, 5G Predictions are very much important for this generation.

The 5G Predictions

5G Predictions and EDGING
5G Predictions and EDGING

GSM is still the predominant network in use for communication purposes. It is capable of providing higher data rates and also better audio quality at the same time. Some of the very best mobile networks are using GSM technology, while others continue to use another technology altogether, like EDGE.


EDGE is a competing network that was initially developed to provide a cost-effective alternative to GSM. However, after a few years of operation, it became evident that EDGE simply cannot compete with GSM technology because of the very high data transmission speeds it offers.

If you have GSM coverage in your area, you may want to consider switching to a new wireless network if your existing network is not delivering the speeds you need to download and upload files. Although the edge seems to be the most advanced network at the moment, it still has its limitations which must be addressed before people move to its service.

Although EDGE may seem like the superior network, it is usually competing against GSM as well as its competitors. The EDGE network is really an upgraded version of GSM with higher speed and data transmission rates.

Disadvantage Of The 5G Predictions

The disadvantage of EDGE is that it cannot cover a large geographical area with the same reliability as GSM. This can cause users to experience connectivity problems when roaming. Therefore, users who travel frequently should avoid EDGE.

As EDGE is still new in the market, there are many concerns about how it will perform against GSM and its competitors. The biggest complaint is that it still cannot provide the same reliability as its nearest competitor. While EDGE is far better than other competing technologies, it is far from perfect.

There have been real improvements in the EDGE technology as of late, however. But overall, the comparison is still a little unfair. EDGE still does not offer the full functionality that users can expect from a modern wireless network.

Know More

One of the differences between EDGE and GSM is that the edge only covers a smaller portion of the whole country. This means that EDGE is better for wireless users who live in cities rather than for rural areas where there is no real need for a mobile network.

The first solution that is recommended for EDGING users is to seek out a mobile network that provides nationwide coverage. Even if EDGING users do not wish to switch to the EDGING network, they should still consider upgrading their current network.

Bottom Line

5G Predictions and EDGING
5G Predictions and EDGING

If the network that users have now is providing a decent amount of data transmission speeds; then there is no reason why they should pay for a network that does not meet their needs. As a general rule, EDGING users who are willing to upgrade their current network; should definitely try to find a mobile network that offers real improvements.

The future of EDGING may be limited and it may be a little limited in the present; because it can’t compete with GSM. However, it is still a technological advancement that can increase the efficiency of a mobile network.

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