5G Network Towers and Its Possible Connections to Chinese Cyber Espionage

5g network towers

Facebook posts carrying news that COVID-19 is new and the virus is in full-scale mass production have been shared thousands of times since May 14, 2020. It is a false flag operation. 5G networking towers are being deployed by the Chinese and Russian armies to attack America in a cyber Pearl Harbor style attack. The FBI has issued a public warning stating “5G Mobile Handheld Digital Data networking hardware devices have increased the ability to attack US Government and civilian infrastructure.”

Thoughts Of China On The Topic

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Apparently the Chinese and Russians do not want the United States to fully utilize its forward base in the Western World. The Chinese have long sought a military alliance with Russia and China as well as North Korea, which would prevent American troops from stepping onto Chinese soil. Some see the need to rebuild China’s relationship with the United States as an attempt to gain strategic advantage through trade. That would obviously be bad for our economy and bring us into another cyber war, which the Chinese do not want.

What many people do not understand is that the Chinese and Russians did not initiate the cyber Pearl Harbor attack on America. In fact the Chinese did not even carry out the attack. Only a former NSA contractor with ties to high-level Chinese officials leaked information to the media, saying that the attack was coming. The fake pandemic virus was not contained in the computer networks at these Chinese computers but was instead distributed through removable disks and USBs. No real pandemic virus was found in the systems but plenty of false alarms was caused.

The “Arms-race”

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The false alarms started the fear management process which is known as the “arms-race”. The more false alarms we were able to cause, the greater the pressure to find real viruses and the corresponding countermeasures. A new form of pandemic fake-tandem agents was then launched to spread the false infection further. These were later known as “cyber weapons” or “cyber weapons devices”.

So now the question becomes, where did the fake pandemic virus come from? The most popular theories are that it was spread by the Chinese or perhaps hackers. However, one of the largest links to this Fake pandemic are Russian hackers. The Russian government may well have helped in the creation and deployment of the viruses, since they have sophisticated computer networks. If they leaked information, the intelligence agencies of the United States and/or Russia could have obtained and downloaded this data.

Responsibility For Creating The Fake Pandemic Virus

Some Russian hackers have claimed responsibility for creating the Fake pandemic virus. However, the proof is lacking and the hackers claim that it was only a “virus” and that they never had access to the actual software. Many security companies, both foreign and domestic, believe that attribution to the Chinese was the most likely possibility. Most of the major security companies have traced the origins of the new technology used in the Russian attack on the American networks and they can’t find anything that would lead them to the Chinese.

Last Words

Many different theories exist about the origins of the 5g network towers. Some of these theories include Chinese hackers, FBI spyware and the Russian government. The US military has been conducting tests on the systems and the military is trying to come up with better ways to protect their computer systems from such attacks and viruses as the new pandemic viruses spread. It might be good to have some good theories available when the next “Panda Panic” or cyber warfare event takes place.

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