5G Network Release Date is Important For You

For the past several months, I have been very curious about the 5g network’s upcoming network launch date. I know that this service has been out for quite some time in Japan, but it is very popular in the United States. My main question is whether or not I should be excited or frustrated with this launch.

An Overview

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If you are like me, the very word “disappointed” does not go to your head when it is time to download the app. It is more like, “miserable”. But you see, there are some reasons why the network is only now available in the United States. One of these reasons has to do with spectrum licensing. The mobile operators are fighting over the scarce airwaves that are available for their services. If you will recall, a few years ago AT&T tried to sue Google over this matter.

When the iPhone was released, the wireless industry became quite jealous of Apple and their ability to offer something new and different. So, they tried to create a product that would replace the iPhone. However, they failed to do so, and instead, they offered an app on the iPhone. This network launch date is meant to help Apple and their new network with a bit of a marketing boost. In other words, the company wants to get more users onto their network, and since more users equal more downloads, therefore, more revenue.

What Do We Know About Its Release So Far?

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Now, this does raise the question of why the launch date has been announced in the first place. There has to be a reason why the date is being pushed back. Is it because this is the final year that you can get this kind of deal? Well, the answer might just be in the form of a “No.” If the mobile operators want to keep their subscribers happy, they have to give them the opportunity to upgrade to the standard plan, at no extra cost.

The 5G network is still on the drawing board. They are trying to come up with a reliable technology that will work for all users. Therefore, pushing back the network release date just makes good business sense. But, why release the technology before they are able to properly roll it out? Some people might say it is because they are protecting the consumers from having a smartphone with the same network that they are using now, but if you think about it, why would anyone want to use a network that Apple is partnered with, when they have the technology that they need right now?

The Biggest Troubles

One of the biggest problems with the App Store for mobile devices is the over-saturation that occurs. Many network services, such as Verizon Wireless, have several versions of the same app for different carriers. People end up getting confused and purchasing the wrong service, when they only need one. Therefore, Apple needs to make an app with both Verizon and AT&T logos, so users can choose between the two different networks in order to get the app they need.

Apple should also take advantage of the opportunity to gather user feedback. They can conduct surveys and even hold a teleconference to hear what their customers are thinking. It takes too much time to form a good relationship with the network services and it would be more productive to do it now, while they still have the chance to do it properly. When the 5G network becomes available, you will be glad you did.

Bottom Line

Time is starting to fly by and if you haven’t made your plans for the future of your business yet, now is the time to get started. You need to start developing apps that work with T-Mobile, AT&T, or another carrier that offers the same network services you do. By doing this, you will be able to promote your business faster and with less effort. However, before you begin your development, make sure that you read more information about the network and all of the current and upcoming events. That way, you will know how to prepare for all of the changes.

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