5G Network Not Showing Up on PC – Fix it Now

5g network not showing up on pc

Is your 5G network showing up on your computer or tablet? If you are like most people, the answer is probably “yes.” For the last several years, we have been seeing a lot of new technologies on the rise that utilize WiMax technology. All these new networks are still quite new and are not spread out to every city and neighborhood like the older dial up modems were.

It is hard to explain how much faster this internet connection is compared to the old dial ups or even cable internet connections. The old versions used to take a while to get connected and were very clunky. A modem had to be in place and connected to the computer, which could prove problematic if the computer were stolen, left at home, or in a car that went out of service for lack of maintenance. This was not only inconvenient but expensive. With the newer networks, a WiMax router can be set up anywhere and still have immediate access to wireless internet, rather than dial-up.

5G Network Not Showing Up On PC – Tips

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A newer version is easier to set up. There are software programs that can do it all for you. Once the system is installed, there is no longer any need for a modem. These networks are becoming more popular with each day as many people have access to them due to new developments in wireless technology. There is a newer technology that has hit the market that can not only connect people from farther away but also provides better speeds.

If you have a computer, phone, or tablet with WiMax or another high speed network, try searching the web to find some of the new networks. Many websites list the availability of their services in the area. You will usually be able to view a map so you know exactly where to connect. These newer networks are usually cheaper than the old versions.

Check for the networks you have and see if they are available. The older the network, the less likely it is that it will be around when you want it to be. If your network provider does not offer this service, try contacting them. They may be able to offer you a deal on a new network. The older networks may not provide you with everything that you need for your computer to be online.

Check Out Your Phone Network

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Check to see if your phone line is any slower because of the old network you have. Sometimes just changing your telephone number can help your computer work faster. You can get a new one at any telephone store. Ask them about any available deals on a new phone line. Many times you can get a great deal on a computer service with just switching phone lines.

Check the internet and find some old networks that are still available. Some older ones may still be in service. These old dial-up networks can still be used for 5G and this can speed up your internet connection tremendously.

If these things are not working, then your network is probably too old for it. Try getting a modem from your service provider. This should help your computer get a better connection. A newer computer should be able to pick up a dial-up signal just as well as a newer router. With a little effort on your part, you can start working on a working network again.

Check Out Its LAN Connection

If your computer is on a laptop, you can take the LAN card out and try putting it in another computer. The LAN card shares the bandwidth with your network and this makes it very slow. The best thing you can do is connect your laptop to a wireless network card or a network printer. These devices will allow your computer to use the Internet without bogging it down. Just make sure that the network card is working properly before trying this trick.

You can also use a program like CCleaner to remove old files that are taking up your network’s bandwidth. The CCleaner program is perfect for removing temporary Internet files and other junk that are slowing down your network card’s performance. It can also be used to scan your hard disk for errors and damaged files. It can even scan for spyware and adware that are on your system. This program will really boost the speed of your network.


If none of these solutions help you with your network not showing up on PC, the only other option is to remove the entire network from your computer and reformat it. However, if you want to avoid reformatting your computer, you might consider getting a virtual server. Virtual servers are much faster than a dedicated server, and you can keep all your programs on one server instead of keeping your network card connected to your entire computer. This can be more costly, but it may be worth it to keep your network running smoothly.

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