5G Network Frequency – Let’s Learn About Our New Technology

5g network frequency

5g – The fifth-generation technology is the new standard for broadband cellular networks. It was deployed by cellular phone companies in 2019. It is a wireless network. But we all are aware of the fact that all wireless uses electromagnetic spectrum radio frequencies because this is how the information can be transmitted. This may sound dangerous to everyone, but the truth is still hidden.

When the 5g network frequency was introduced, there was much news that came into existence. Some were real, while some were fake. You may don’t know, but there are many advantages of 5g network frequency. One of them is that it increases the download speed of your content. Now, let’s clear out some of the myths that you have been listening to about the 5g network.

Five main news that needs to be cleared about 5g network frequency

Let Us Discuss The Concerns That 5G Network Frequency Will Have On Human Beings As Well As On Animals. 


Is 5g Radioactive? 

Well, a piece of news was spread about a worker working on a 5g tower wearing a hazardous material suit. People thought that it is radioactive. The truth is that cell towers do not emit enough radiation to risk human life. Thus, this news was degraded.

5g Does Not Cause Cancer In Humans?

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Scientific results show that human skin deflects half of the power generated by high frequency. It does not have enough force to break down human DNA molecules. This was an unnecessary concern for everyone.

Does Japan Halt 5g Deployment Due To Health Issues?

The truth is the total opposite. Japan is promoting in 5g development. However, some cities in japan have shown resistance to the 5g network due to aesthetic and health concerns.

Birds Died Due To The 5g Network Frequency. 

It was a fake news headline that was printed to stop 5g from spreading. It is true that cell frequencies might disturb the migratory birds to navigate. But, there are no major concerns on this topic as it is proved that it is not the reason why mass birds died.

5g Can Impact Insects

The problem is that insects are highly dependent on higher frequencies to communicate. They do not show the usual resistance to higher frequencies. Many trials are yet to do on live insects to see the effect it can have on them. 


Your curiosity about 5g network frequency has been subsided by this little piece of information. You are now well aware of all the facts about the 5g network. There are no major and dangerous side effects of deploying a 5g network everywhere. Although, there are many benefits that you’ll be facing while using the 5g network.

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