5g internet Chicago – Must Know Facts About This Technology

5g internet chicago

Verizon recently launched its 5g internet service in Chicago. The facility allows people in Verizon’s 5g footprint to set up an antenna themselves on their windows replacing the cable and internet service. Users will have to pay a monthly fee and Verizon also offers a free setup for those who are unable to do it by themselves. Chicago is the fifth city to have the facility of 5g after other US cities.

Facilities With 5g Connection

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5g downloads data at a much higher speed than its predecessors, approximately 20 times faster. The download speeds are 300Mbps and depending on the location can get up to 1Gbps. Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T all have set up 5g in Chicago. Using 5g movies could be downloaded fast on the go and connections between devices are super fast. There will be no more waiting and lagging with 5g.

Affordability of 5g internet Chicago

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5g wireless technology doesn’t require costly and time-consuming installations. For the service in Chicago, Verizon uses the industry-standard called 3GPP New Radio Standard that is being adopted around the world. Verizon also offers a Wi-Fi router and a smart speaker that has the Amazon Alexa digital assistant. The service is aimed to make sure that it is accessible to everyone in Chicago.

Cost of 5g Internet Chicago

Chicago residents can sign up for the service at $50 per month if they choose Verizon. The cost will be $70 a month for users who don’t access Verizon for cell phone service. An extender that plugs into the wall is included to make the entire home Wi-Fi, whereas an added extender that takes after the Alexa enabled main router-speaker combo costs $299.

Setting Up 5g internet

An app will help the users to set up the connection. The app will be available for both Android and iPhone. The app will help one to choose the right place for the router to receive the signal without the need to get the help of a technician. The app will guide one throughout the setup process and is easy. In case of any help, if the user has partnered with Verizon, they will provide a technician.

5g internet for Chicagoans

Chicagoans are known for working and playing hard and 5g is a perfect match for their needs. 5g showcases huge capacity, super-low lag times, and super-fast speed. The windy city can experience the most powerful internet connection available. The benefits include coverage in every corner, true chat, stream more-buffer less, responsive gaming, flash loading, real response, real-time connectivity, etc.


5g has revolutionized the world and it has surely made an impact on Chicago. The windy city with all its color has welcomed 5g and is making impacts. Chicagoans can use the facility and enjoy the many benefits of 5g. Chicago was the fifth state in America to implement 5g and it succeeded. 5g has helped Chicagoans to connect with each other much faster and in real-time.

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