Why Would I Want A 5G Home Internet?

5G Home Internet

In the past few months, we’ve heard a lot about 5G. There were numerous TV ads, many cases and several successful roll-outs. And the president has a view (we will all be at 6 G). Yet 5G, the wireless “fourth century,” is worth the publicity. The network should speed up (especially in high-density areas), the latency (more responsive), and link more devices (for our ever-growing internet). 

Thus far, much of the 5G debate has centred on smartphones. But 5G home internet or Fixed Wireless Service (FWA) will alter as well.

5G Home Internet Viability
5G Home Internet Viability


 With a massive revolution going in, we felt we should explore some of the more important ripple results we hope to see over the next few years. Here are our five 5 G home internet predictions. 

5G Won’t Replace Cable Internet Anytime Soon

As promising as 5G is, we are only in the early days, so most consumers would have to wait a bit for their home broadband to function. It’s not time for everyone to be introduced. Equipment is costly, efficiency is minimal. But in five years, you could see that it will be qualitatively stronger and lower priced.

The Only 5G Home Internet Provider

For the present, only in a small region in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston, and Indianapolis is Verizon 5 G Mobile, the only 5 G mobile Internet service accessible.

Verizon also revealed the Ultra Wideband Network to be extended next year to 20 more U.S. towns, but how many of them will only be available at 5G Mobile, claiming “it’s trying to extend the 5G Mobile Broadband Internet coverage across any of those areas.”

Say Goodbye To The Cable TV Bundle

Although 5G will definitely speed the decline of the cable TV package for years. For years, Pay-TV has haemorrhaged viewers. Vox estimates that, from 2012, television, satellite and mobile subscriptions have plummeted to 89 million by 10 million since then — and in the first quarter of 2019 AT&T alone dropped 800,000 subscribers.

In comparison, the approximate 8 million users follow live video platforms such as Twitch TV and Sling, so there is a strong pattern.

Cementing The Streaming World

We now exist in a world of streaming; 5 G would reinforce it. The greatest residual advantage to satellite Television to certain viewers is the benefit you receive by bundling Television and broadband.

However, with a better Internet option, consumers are free to access their TV service. Through live TV streaming, on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu or the countless free streaming platforms that proliferate every day.

5G Won’t Fix The Rural Digital Divide

High-speed internet connectivity is a well-documented issue in remote regions. According to the FCC’s most recent Broadband Performance Survey, nearly one-quarter of farmers – 14.5 million – already do not have connectivity at the FCC’s minimum rates to fixed broadband coverage, a 25 Mbps connection and a 3 Mbps connection.

 5G Home Internet Benefits
5G Home Internet Benefits

Summing Up

Internet operators cannot contend with 4 G home broadband because the wireless platforms can not offer the 190 GB a month that most households already consume.

For 5G’s potential to accommodate massive storage bandwidth, providers will deliver a completely unrestricted 5 G home broadband. “Every system connecting to the 5 G Home Wi-Fi network will experience unrestricted capacity use,” Verizon states specifically on its blog.

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