4 Health Effects Of 5G Network

health effects of 5g network

In the year 2019, 5G replaced 4G networks. The fifth-generation was a better edition of 4G. However, the recently evolved mobile network has been criticized due to its harmful properties. 5G is hazardous for both environments as well as living beings. The radiations from the fifth-generation have some toxic consequences. The following are some of the harmful effects of the 5G network on the health of an individual.

These networks result in wavelengths of destructive nature. If you get too much exposure to such wavelengths then it can hamper your skin. There are speculations that in the upcoming years, cases of skin cancer will rise due to 5G. There will be many other skin-related issues and people may experience pain in the outer layer of their skin.

Effect On Immunity Of The Person

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Immunity is very vital for the proper functioning of the body. A study conducted on mice depicted that strong frequencies from 5G can influence the immune system. If immunity is weaker then digestion and other processes will be automatically slowed. Apart from that, a weaker immune system is much more likely to be attacked by harmful viruses and bacterias. That’s why 5G is discouraged by health experts.

Slowing Growth Rate Of Cells

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The dangerous waves and radiations can impact the growth of cells. A study from Armenia showed that the cells alter their properties when exposed to this environment. They choose bacteria and e-coil for their research. This was enough to conclude that the development of cells decreases in 5G. That’s why they will react the same way these test subjects did. If cells won’t grow then the body won’t function in case of injuries. The healing process will hinder.

5G Influences Heart

Consumption of the fifth generation is quite questionable as it has been stated as one of the sources of stress. 5G operates on frequencies between 50 and 80GHz, which is higher than the 4G. This can affect someone’s heart rate and show some negative outcomes. Heartbeats become irrational and fluctuations will be visible. These are not signs of a healthy body. Thus, 5G is bad for the heart as well as the stress level.


The 5G network is also known as the fifth generation. It is an improved and advanced version of the 4G. This brand new wireless technology was introduced back in 2019 and since then it has encountered a lot of criticism. The studies conducted on 5G prove that it can affect living beings and the environment negatively. In the above article, all these harmful consequences are described. The usage of 5G can lead to skin diseases like skin cancer, acne, etc. It can result in weaker immunity. Not just that, it can have a bad influence on cell growth in the body. Lastly, an average human will suffer from heart problems.

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